15,000,00 For a group of 10 people for 2 years

For the first time ever Club Olivia presents a corporate package where companies that conduct their quarterly meetings, conferences, product launches, etc can enjoy this privilege in a beautiful and serene place called Wayanad, with all the facilities at a very cheap membership package rate. The package includes the following

  1. Membership for 2 years
  2. Membership for a group of 10 or less people
  3. 19 nights and 20 days through out the year
  4. 3 meals a day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  5. Free massage and steam bath
  6. One day of camp fire with music
  7. One day of a tourist site visit.
  8. Free goodies


10,000 INR for 2 pax for 3 years

Did you know that Wayanad is the 9th best tourist detination in the world according to trivago a travel and tourism website. Wayanad with its lush green hills, forests, and lakes etc. gives a divine serenity and peaceful feeling through out your stay in Wayanad. So Club Olivia presents to you a privilege membership package for the common man to experience its beauty to the core. With places like the heart shaped lake, chembra peak, eddakal caves, meenmutty waterfalls, kuruva islands, Banasura sagar Dam etc. are a few places that you will treasure forever. The package includes the following

  1. Membership of three years
  2. Membership for 2 people and children under the age of 10
  3. 5 nights and 6 days of accomodation with breakfast
  4. 1 night of camp fire
  5. 1 day of tourist site visit to any three exquisite sites.


70,000 INR for 1 person for 3 years

Ayurveda has stood the test of time and is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Ayurveda is the alternative solution for today's ailments which have no cure in modern medical science. In today's fast paced world, Ayurveda is your means to vibrant good health! Kozhikode Ayurvedic Pharmacy has grown in stature and recognition due to our unblemished track record of services in the field of Ayurveda system of medicine and treatment. Patients in growing numbers from Wayanad as well as the adjacent districts have come seeking our services and medicines. Club Olivia has come up with a viable solution for the common man to experience this treatment. The treatment can be costly for various ailments. but Club Olivia has partnered with one of the best ayurvedic centres in india, Kozhikode Ayurvedic Pharmacy. Our package is to guide people towards finding a way to cure or prevent their ailments through ayurvedic treatment. our package will help people to find a solution to problems like different types of pains in your body like back pain, neck pain etc, hair cure issues like dandruff, headache etc, body wight loss treatments, normal massage and steambath etc. Our package includes the following:

  1. Membership of three years
  2. Membership for one person
  3. Proffessional doctors to do your check up and treatment.
  4. 5 – 7 days of accomodation and 3 meals based on doctors prescription
  5. Full ayurvedic treatment based on doctors check up.


60,000 INR for a group of 5 people for 2 years

Wayanad is a beautiful hill station that offers an array of adventure activities, treks being the most revered among others. The most popular treks around this region are Chembra Peak Trek, Pakshpathalam Trek, Banasura Hills Trek, Tusharagiri Trek and Brahmagiri Trek. Treks introduce one to the pristine form of Mother Nature far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The best adventure tours in Wayanad are offered by local tour organisers that include cycling, camping, cave camping, bamboo rafting and trekking. The region is covered with lush green mountains and strike a pretty pose against the backdrop of undulating hills and waterfalls. Wayanad offers exciting activities to be undertaken by all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It is a hub of dense green forests and houses a flourishing number of animals and birds. Wayanad is characterized by its deep valleys, green cliffs, misty terrains, spice and tea plantations and hilly terrains covered in greenery. Check out the best adventure tours in Wayanad and have the most amazing vacation here. Our package includes the following

  1. Membership of two years
  2. 4 nights and 5 days of accomodation and 2 meals a day ( breakfast and dinner)
  3. Membership for a group of 5
  4. 5 – 6 different activities which include cycling, trekking, night camping, river rafting etc.


2,00,000 INR for 3 years for 1 person to Maldives

It is a true fact that everybody wishes to travel abroad at a very affordable expense. So club Olivia presents to you this new membership package where you can travel to Maldives every year for the next three years at a very minimum cost. Our package includes the following

  1. Membership of three years
  2. A membership for one person
  3. Accommodation in 5* for 5 nights and 6 days.
  4. 3 meals a day
  5. Tourist site visit on all days.